#1: Plan in Advance

Although people may grumble about Christmas adverts appearing before December, in the case of event planning these companies make a good point. Planning your Christmas event is crucial to creating a memorable masterpiece. By beginning to draw up plans and ideas long before your event date, you allow yourself more time to bring your imagination to life, and to account for any delays or disruptions that may happen. Although unlikely, having extra time to plan for last minute changes, adverse weather or any other unforeseen circumstance means that if the worst does happen, you’ve got it covered. It is also useful to have your plans drawn up and documented before you start arranging your Christmas event by using our handy in-house event planning template. All this will help you to set a realistic budget and schedule without having to compromise your vision.

#2: Set a Budget and Schedule

In an ideal world, everything you want for your event would be prompt and affordable but setting a realistic budget from the start is key to avoiding surprising bills afterwards. Decide what proportion of your total budget can be spent on each service you need and look around for average pricing too. By figuring out what the priority is, and how much the services required cost, you can create a more effective budget, allowing you to see where your money is going, and giving you the power to splash out a bit more on the services you want most.

Scheduling is incredibly important, find out from any suppliers or partner companies how long they will need to carry out your vision to the best of their ability and work from there. You do not want to rush around the week before your event chasing people, so setting deadlines and a schedule beforehand will save you so much stress in the long run.

#3: Choose the Right Companies to Partner With

Much like a marriage, a business partnership needs communication and mutual understanding in order to run effectively. If you are selecting partner companies for your event you will want people or organisations with a similar ethos to you and your brand. You will also want to liaise with them regularly to ensure that you are all on the same page about how your event will be run. Communicate the main aim of your event and technical details, such as who is in charge of selecting staffing, clearly to your partners.

#4: Choosing the Right Staff

Staffing your event is key to creating a great experience for everyone involved. Choosing the right staff will ensure that you can enjoy your event knowing everything is under control. Staff should understand what you want from them during the event beforehand, so communication is essential whether you choose an event staffing company or not. Creating a brief for your staff will help with this issue and allow for you to focus on enjoying the event.

#5: Enjoy Your Event

Phew! The hard work is over, and you can finally enjoy your event. All your efforts have led up to this moment and it’s everything you imagined., the staff are friendly, the suppliers are wonderful, and everyone is having a fabulous time. Perhaps this will even go down as the best Christmas event in living history…

Where Keen People Fit In

We at Keen People are passionate about enhancing your event, along with our advice we also provide management services and staffing to take the hassle out of event planning. Our staff are always friendly and excellently trained, and will be an asset to your Christmas event.