Meet the Keen Team – Rebecca

  • When did you start working in events, promo & hospitality?

I’ve always worked in sales and attending events to promote the companies I worked for was always part of my role which I really enjoyed. So, decided to make a full-time career out of it and set up Keen People!

  • What’s your favourite event & why?

I have favourite events for different reasons, but I really like putting on a little black dress and some heels to host at a corporate or charity dinner!

  • What’s been your favourite job?

Now this is tough as I absolutely love all the client jobs I work on… but dressing up as a bumble bee was fun, I love working or promoting at the festivals like Latitude or the Big Feastival but of course the best job of all is running and managing Keen People!

  • What’s your best skill / party trick?

Running in heels probably!

  • Favourite thing about working in events / promo?

I get to do something fun and that I enjoy every day, love handing out freebies or raising money for charities, anything that involves meeting new people!

  • What do you do when you’re not working?

I go to the gym a lot as I love strength training, I walk my dog for miles, play golf, go shooting or watch a lot of stand-up comedy!

  • Favourite music or band?

Another tough question… But I have to say my all-time favourite (and it has nothing to do with the band’s name) is Keane! I am often belting out their songs albeit not quite as tuneful as they do! If and when they are gigging… I’m always there right at the front! But I have to caveat this choice as I do like dance music too as that’s what motivates me most.

  • Favourite item of clothing or brand?

My pj’s of course… I would live in them if I could!

  • Favourite thing about being in the Keen People team?

My favourite thing about the Keen People Team is that we truly are good friends. I absolutely love working with all of the amazing people we have on our books. So grateful to have my Keen team as the business would be nothing without them!

  • Favourite alcoholic drink?

What?? Just one? I love G&T’s (but must have an awesome garnish though!), a good red wine or a glass of fizz works too… Who am I kidding…I can’t choose a favourite; I like all alcoholic drinks!

  • What’s the best bit about, being you?

That I genuinely think I’m the funniest person I know, I laugh at all my jokes! Laughing now as it happens! haha

  • Favourite famous person or celebrity?

In the events industry we get to meet a lot of famous people and celebrities who are all amazing for different reasons so I wouldn’t know who to pick.

  • Your life motto / or phrase you like to use?

“not a euphemism!” Or “pun intended!”

  • Any claim to fame?

I once starred in a horror film with a fairly well know American actress (at the time)… just in 2 of the scenes though!

  • Any nicknames?

The Keenster, Keeno or Boiks