Meet the Keen Team – Sam

  • When did you start working in events, promo & hospitality?

I started working in events 20 years ago as a professional dancer and throughout the years, I have worked in all areas of events and promo as management through to glass collector 🤣! I love the vibe of working in events and every job is different.

  • What’s your favourite event & why?

I’ve been involved in so many events throughout my career but the best one was the Olympics closing ceremony, where I performed alongside the likes of the Spice Girls and as Annie Lennox’s dancer in the main stadium show.

  • What’s been your favourite job?

I’ve loved so many jobs and have enjoyed being a backing dancer for Jessie J, Rita Ora, Peter Andre. I’ve also worked in Disneyland Paris on the parades and on the main stage in the castle theatre shows as Eyeore. Oh and appearing in Big Brother to run about on the contestant’s bed’s while they were out the bedrooms, that was really good fun!

  • What’s your best skill / party trick?

I can hand out leaflets doing the splits while scratching my head with my toe…work that out!

  • Favourite thing about working in events / promo?

Meeting so many like-minded and fun people.

  • What do you do when you’re not working?

I’m a beauty therapist, dance teacher for an internationally well-known stage school and mum to 2 children, 4 dogs , a hamster and a terrapin!

  • Favourite music or band?

I’m open to anything… Just not heavy metal.

  • Favourite item of clothing or brand?

I love my trackies and being comfy.

  • Favourite thing about being in the Keen People team?

Bex is awesome, such a great boss and I get to work with my best friend and family.

  • Favourite alcoholic drink?


  • What’s the best bit about, being you?

I’m fun, friendly and down to earth and don’t take life to seriously!

  • Favourite famous person?

Obviously, Channing Tatum …… 

  • Your life motto / or phrase you like to use?

Life isn’t about waiting for the storm to pass it’s about learning to dance in the rain …. basically don’t wait for chances just do it !!

  • Any claim to fame?

I can’t tell you this 🤣🤣

  • Any nicknames?

Frank Spencer…. I used to be very clumsy as a child !!