Do you want to boost your sales during your next event or campaign? We’ll assume the answer is yes 😉 Then read on as you’ve landed on the right page! 

You’ve worked for months on planning your event or campaign, spent countless nights pulling your hair out, and worked really hard for it to all come together. The big day is fast approaching, and you’re wondering whether it will be a success? The answer is; it will be if you hire the right staff to give your event life, turn your vision and strategy into a memorable moment, and positively spread your message.

To help you understand the value of hiring brand ambassadors, we’ve highlighted below some of the key benefits they can instantly bring to the table. Happy reading!

Make your brand more approachable

As the famous saying goes ‘’ people buy from people, not businesses’’. Now more than ever, consumers crave personality and want to feel connected to the brands they’re purchasing from. Clients are looking for an approachable brand they can trust and relate to. Although you might not be able to interact with every single one of your customers (let’s be honest), you can rely on knowledgeable and experienced staff to spread your values and provide this unforgettable experience your clients are craving. At Keen People, we always thrive on selecting the right staff for your event based on your brand’s identity, personality and values. They’ll positively portray your brand on digital and physical communication channels and enhance interactions with your audience and customers. Hiring our staff will ultimately boost your sales.

Create the buzz online

By having a team of dedicated and experienced brand ambassadors, you can turn your physical event into a viral moment. From wearing fancy dress costumes and engaging with potential customers during a fun challenge to encouraging people to enter your online giveaways, there are plenty of creative and fun ways to create a buzz around your event. The pictures and videos of challenges and unique activities will all be uploaded and shared on social media by our team to help you expand your reach and boost your online visibility.

You can trust that our Keen People staff will help turn a creative vision into an amazing and memorable event, helping you increase your audience and customer base, boost your brand awareness and improve your bottom line.

Personalise customer relationships

In addition to craving personality and approachability, consumers increasingly crave personalisation. From apps designed to track their daily calories and exercise routines to in-store makeup advice, people expect brands to cater to their unique needs and preferences. By hiring professional event staff, you’ll be doing just that; providing your customers with a unique experience tailored to their needs. By extensively training our brand ambassadors about your offer, we’ll help you boost your return on investment. Our staff will be able to better engage with your customers, connect on a deeper level with them, enhance the overall interactions, and significantly increase your sales.  

Feeling like your brand hasn’t been performing as well as it should have lately? Has your company been experiencing a rough patch?

The good news is that hiring a team of knowledgeable and experienced staff can be a powerful and efficient way to restore your credibility. By showcasing professionalism and providing superior customer service, our staff will connect with your customers once again and enhance your reputation in no time!

Keen to get started on planning your next event? Get in touch here as we’d love to assist you and work together to create your most successful event yet!