Organising an important event soon but unsure whether you need to hire staff or simply rely on your in-house team of volunteers?

While it can seem simple to host an event at first, there’s actually a lot of work and skill that goes into it. Sure, you could ask Doris from HR to come and give you a hand, but it might prove costly to your event’s overall success. On the other hand, hiring professionals who work for a reputable event staffing agency can help you boost your sales, enhance your customers’ experience, and increase your bottom line. Got you hooked yet?

To assist you, we’ve listed below some of the top reasons you should hire event staff when planning your next event.

Harness Event Expert Knowledge

If you are new to planning an event, get ready to be overwhelmed! Challenge accepted you say? Then read on! Not only will you need to pick a suitable location and figure out how many additional pairs of hands needed on the day, but you’ll also need to work to a budget, engage with customers and manage your volunteers. Still think it’s easy?

At Keen People, we pride ourselves in providing our clients with our expert knowledge and extensive experience so that you can rest assured your event will be a success. Our seamless process involves discussing your needs and ideas then allocating you the best staff based on their skill set, experience, and areas of expertise. We also make sure they are a good fit for your brand and requirements.

We know first-hand that using professional event staff who possess extensive experience working at similar events to yours is the best way to handle your event and ensure its success.

Save time

One of the most stressful and challenging aspects of event planning is time management. Indeed, planning and running an event is incredibly time-consuming. There are so many different things to think about and so many aspects to plan and coordinate to make sure your event runs smoothly. Hiring an event staffing agency means you can save time and focus on the things you do best. While you spend your time working on tasks that matter, we do all the heavy lifting in the background. From selecting the right staff and training them before your event to handling staff contracts and payments, we’ve got it all covered. All you have to do is show up on the day! How does that sound? While hiring event staff can seem like an upfront cost, it’ll save you time and, therefore, money in the long run by allowing you to allocate your time and resources to productive and money-generating tasks.

No shows

We have been working in the industry for years and have developed an extensive network of trustworthy and reliable staff overtime. Based on the house policy, they will always show up 15 minutes early and go the extra mile for our clients.

Wondering what happens if one of our staff doesn’t turn up? Well, the answer is simple; they’ll be immediately replaced so you will barely notice! Indeed, at Keen People, we always have a reserve list for each event we plan. In the unfortunate case a member of staff can’t work, we’ll always have a Keen person waiting in the wings, ready for some action.


Enjoy the event

Whether you’re brave enough to plan the event yourself or had some help from an Event Manager, it is important that you get to enjoy the event too! Having a team of professional and hardworking Keen People means that you will be able to sit back, relax, and enjoy the experience.

Planning a great event and want to make your life easier? Get in touch here as we’d love to help you turn your ideas into a spectacular and seamless event!