Meet the Keen Team – Lucy

  • When did you start working in events, promo & hospitality?

I started working in events at around the age of 20, after my first dance contract finished. I wanted to earn money whilst auditioning for dancing gigs.

  • What’s your favourite event & why?

Goodwood festival of speed – the vintage style costumes I wore were amazing and it has a great vibe.

  • What’s been your favourite job?

Favourite job was hostessing with my two best friends at a corporate party.

  • What’s your best skill / party trick?

Can’t tell you that, don’t want to be judged!

  • Favourite thing about working in events / promo?

The vibe.

  • What do you do when you’re not working?

Fire dancer, stilt walker, Aerialist and horse rider.

  • Favourite music or band?

Anything apart from heavy metal

  • Favourite item of clothing or brand?

Oh Polly.

  • Favourite thing about being in the Keen People team?

My Boss and the people we get to work with.

  • Favourite alcoholic drink?


  • What’s the best bit about, being you?

There’s only one!

  • Favourite famous person or celebrity?

Enrique Iglesias

  • Your life motto / or phrase you like to use?

“What will be, will be”

  • Any claim to fame?

None as of yet.

  • Any nicknames?

Diamond, Daddy Long Legs or Juice