Are you thinking of organising an event to reward your staff for their hard work, communicate about a new product, or celebrate a milestone?

If you are, you might be wondering whether organising an event is safe in the current climate and whether or not you should wait. While the idea to plan an event at the moment can be daunting, you’d be surprised at how resilient event organisers have been, quickly adapting and adjusting their procedures to ensure client and staff safety. That’s right, us event creators are not easily defeated!

At Keen People, we’re following strict health procedures and have implemented stringent protocols to ensure our client and staff safety and reduce the risk of transmission while helping turn your event into a memorable experience.

Risk Assessment

In this article, we’ll talk you through the different measures the events and hospitality industry, including Keenpeople, have established in order to provide a safe environment for clients. Let’s get started, shall we?

Whenever a client needs to organise an event, the first step for event and hospitality operators is always to identify the intrinsic risks such as the number of people attending, the age group, or the location. The idea is to thoroughly screen all the potential risks and develop a mitigation plan to reduce the risk of transmission and ensure a COVID-safe event. The plan must be in line with regulations and official guidelines.

For instance, the new normal is now for event staff to ensure guests follow social distancing measures, disinfect their hands when entering venues, and wear face masks if authorities request it. Yep, we know it’s not glamorous, but it’s for your own good 😉

Staff Training

As mentioned above, the events and hospitality industry has rapidly adapted to the ever-changing landscape during COVID-19 adopting good practices in order to ensure everyone’s safety.

At Keen People, we know how important these events are, and we want you and your guests to have the best time. We regularly train our staff to the highest hygiene, health, and safety standards, ensuring they’re very familiar with good practices and can handle any potential COVID-related scenario.

From wearing face masks and providing attendees with disinfectant, to limiting the number of people queuing up in front of the venue, our highly trained COVID specialist staff will work hard in the background to ensure a smooth and memorable COVID-safe experience. They will direct your guests at all times during the event to make sure they comply with stringent protocols.

Your success is our success, and we’re here to provide a safe environment to help turn your fantastic ideas and initiatives into a wonderful moment.

Enhanced Communication

Not only is training staff and consistently updating them about new rules and standards critical for event and hospitality operators, but communicating to clients about what’s being done to ensure their safety is also an essential part of the process. It’s important attendees know exactly what to expect and are prepared for it.

What’s more, not only do attendees need to know about every requirement and the safety measures that are applicable to them, but event and hospitality operators have also been working on raising awareness about the risks of not complying. Explaining why certain measures are being implemented can ensure guests’ cooperation and lead to a successful event.

After all, it can be hard to forget our old ways. These are unusual times, and we were never used to talk to friends or colleagues for hours while standing feet away from them, let alone wearing face coverings while doing so!

Ready to start planning your next event, but still unsure whether it’s a safe option to consider? Don’t hesitate to get in touch with us here, as we’d love to discuss your needs and how our COVID specialist staff can help ensure your next event’s success.