Are you planning to launch a new product or service and don’t know how to promote your offer in an interactive and engaging way? Look no further as we have exactly what you need!

Launching a brand new range of products or an innovative service can be both an exciting time and a daunting task. We get it. After all, your team worked really hard on this and you want everything to be perfect. You want consumers to notice your amazing product, engage, like, follow, and buy. Don’t we all 😉

That’s why we’ve decided to highlight the key benefits of hiring event promotional staff so that you can turn your next launch into a successful event. You’re welcome!

Make Your Brand Stand Out

By using promotional staff to promote your offer, you’ll ensure people remember your fun and unique events. From themed outfits and goodies to interactive activities, event promotional staff can turn a launch into a buzz-worthy event. By providing your potential consumers with memorable experiences, you’ll instantly get their attention and build the foundations for a long-lasting relationship with them.

Besides, using promotional staff is a great way to personalise your customers’ experience, build meaningful connections, make your brand more approachable, and encourage word-of-mouth. Consumers will remember the unique attention and the fun interactions they’ve had at your event and specifically associate your product with an enjoyable experience.

Rely on Professional Expertise

Does the thought of arranging and running an event make you want to curl up into a ball? Do you desperately want it to succeed but don’t have enough time or knowledge to take it to the next level? It’s okay, we’re not all Van Wilder.

Hiring promotional staff can help drive your sales and enhance your customers’ experience while allowing you to focus on the tasks you’re really good at.

At Keen People, we know a thing or two about running successful marketing campaigns and incredible events.

We specialise in providing clients with show-stopping promotional campaigns and highly-skilled promotional staff. Our goal is to help you increase your brand awareness and ultimately boost your sales.

We can either work on your entire marketing campaign from brainstorming creative ideas and organising the whole event to simply providing highly-skilled promotional staff on the day to ensure your event is a success. Our promotional staff are versatile and can promote your products, assist with customer queries, or collect precious data to increase leads and sales.

Relying on professional expertise for your next event is the best way to improve your bottom line and organise a stress-free event.

Enhance Your Brand Image

As you know, creating the very best first impression is critical. While capturing customers’ attention and establishing the first contact is extremely important, many businesses struggle. If that’s your case, today is your lucky day as our staff excel at it!

What better than an energetic and enthusiastic professional to promote your latest chocolate range or your new amazing service?

Promoting your new offer through interactive and proactive street marketing and in-store promotional activities is an incredible way to increase your brand appeal. Indeed, a highly-skilled promotional team, that has been carefully selected based on your brand’s values, can significantly contribute to strengthening your brand image and help you nail the all-important first impression.

Ready to take your upcoming event to the next level? Get in touch here as we’d love to assist you!