What if we told you that Event Coordinator has been ranked as the fifth most stressful job after firefighters and airline pilots? Sounds crazy, right?

If that gave you flashbacks, you might find it easy to believe as you know how stressful it can be to juggle a gazillion things at a time during an event. We sure do! The good news is; you don’t need to do all of it on your own anymore. You can now rely on corporate hosts to turn your event into a success while indulging in some quality time with your attendees. Sounds too good to be true?

Read on as we highlight how corporate hosts can help take your event to the next level.

Ensure your Event Runs Smoothly

Hiring corporate hosts will not only allow you to spend some productive time with your clients or quality time with your guests, but it’ll also ensure your event runs smoothly while you’re doing so.

Indeed, when properly selected, corporate hosts can be extremely versatile and handle various tasks from welcoming your attendees and topping up their drinks throughout the event, to collecting their details and providing you with some precious leads.

At Keen People, we carefully hand-select the best corporate hosts based on your needs and train them to the highest standards in order to guarantee a seamless event, abundant leads, and happy guests.

Educate Your Clients or Guests

While making sure everyone is fed, and guest speakers are ready to deliver their fantastic speeches is important, promoting your business is also a critical part of a successful event. Unfortunately, this task is often rushed or forgotten as the event unfolds, and other issues arise.

Highly skilled corporate hosts are regularly trained to promote any offer or service in a professional and friendly way and as such, can become an extension of your team. They’ll interact with your potential customers and tell them all about your products or services, using effective promotion techniques.

Not only will having a team of highly qualified corporate hosts dressed in your brand colour code inject some charisma, personality, and energy into your event, but it’ll also be a great way to spread the word about your incredible business.

Make Your Clients Feel Special

Planning to organise a conference, a charity gala dinner, or a corporate dinner soon?

Hiring your own team of corporate hosts could make the difference between you organising just another event and you providing a fantastic experience for your guests.

Indeed, a team of corporate hosts can be a wonderful way to make your attendees feel special and well looked after. Whether your guests are high profile clients or members of your team, they’ll genuinely enjoy feeling unique for the event and will thank you for that.

After all, who doesn’t like a bit of extra attention, especially when it means being topped up whenever the wine glass is empty?!

Want to add the wow factor to your next event?

At Keen People, we’re committed to providing you with highly skilled corporate hosts who will act as the face of your company and turn your event into a memorable experience for your guests. Sounds like a plan? Get in touch as we’d love to assist you with your next event!