Top 3 Reasons to Use Corporate Hosts for Your Next Event

What if we told you that Event Coordinator has been ranked as the fifth most stressful job after firefighters and airline pilots? Sounds crazy, right? If that gave you flashbacks, you might find it easy to believe as you know how stressful it can be to juggle a gazillion things at a time during an […]

How the Events and Hospitality Industry Has Adapted to COVID-19

Are you thinking of organising an event to reward your staff for their hard work, communicate about a new product, or celebrate a milestone? If you are, you might be wondering whether organising an event is safe in the current climate and whether or not you should wait. While the idea to plan an event […]

Why You Should Hire Promotional Staff for Your Next Event

Are you planning to launch a new product or service and don’t know how to promote your offer in an interactive and engaging way? Look no further as we have exactly what you need! Launching a brand new range of products or an innovative service can be both an exciting time and a daunting task. […]

Meet Lucy Allen

Meet the Keen Team – Lucy When did you start working in events, promo & hospitality? I started working in events at around the age of 20, after my first dance contract finished. I wanted to earn money whilst auditioning for dancing gigs. What’s your favourite event & why? Goodwood festival of speed – the […]

Top 3 Reasons for Hiring Event Staff

Organising an important event soon but unsure whether you need to hire staff or simply rely on your in-house team of volunteers? While it can seem simple to host an event at first, there’s actually a lot of work and skill that goes into it. Sure, you could ask Doris from HR to come and […]

Top 3 Benefits of Using Brand Ambassadors for your Events & Campaigns

Do you want to boost your sales during your next event or campaign? We’ll assume the answer is yes 😉 Then read on as you’ve landed on the right page!  You’ve worked for months on planning your event or campaign, spent countless nights pulling your hair out, and worked really hard for it to all […]

Meet Sam Harberd

Meet the Keen Team – Sam When did you start working in events, promo & hospitality? I started working in events 20 years ago as a professional dancer and throughout the years, I have worked in all areas of events and promo as management through to glass collector 🤣! I love the vibe of working […]

Meet Rebecca Keen

Meet the Keen Team – Rebecca When did you start working in events, promo & hospitality? I’ve always worked in sales and attending events to promote the companies I worked for was always part of my role which I really enjoyed. So, decided to make a full-time career out of it and set up Keen […]

5 Top Tips for Christmas Event Organisation

#1: Plan in Advance Although people may grumble about Christmas adverts appearing before December, in the case of event planning these companies make a good point. Planning your Christmas event is crucial to creating a memorable masterpiece. By beginning to draw up plans and ideas long before your event date, you allow yourself more time […]