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Our Talent Hub Subscription offers an effortless and cost-effective solution to elevate your hiring process. Access top talent without the financial strain and embark on a seamless journey to building your dream team. Upgrade your recruitment game today and discover the power of Keen People Talent Hub.


Curated Talent
Pool Access

Access a talent pool carefully tailored to your industry, business, and culture.

Customised Recruitment Strategy

Each subscription is customised to your specific needs and goals.


Monthly subscription fees make budgeting more predictable.


Streamlined processes lead to faster hiring and happier candidates.

Scalability &

Easily scale your subscription up or down to match your hiring needs.


Our screening ensures that talents meet your technical and cultural requirements.


Ongoing support throughout the recruitment process, from sourcing to onboarding.

Single Source
of Talent

Consolidate roles and skill sets under one source to improve efficiency.

Ready to revolutionise your hiring process and build your dream team?

Join Keen People Talent Hub today and unlock access to top talent without the financial strain. With our customised recruitment strategies, cost predictability, and continuous support, we’ll streamline your hiring journey like never before. Upgrade your recruitment game now and experience the power of Keen People Talent Hub!

Introducing Keen People Talent Hub, your go-to destination for talent solutions.

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Keen People simplifies recruitment!
Our subscription connects you with the perfect match, saving you time & money.

Unmatched Reach

Access a vast pool of qualified talents, not just those actively job hunting.

Streamlined Process

Say goodbye to hiring headaches! We tailor our approach to your specific needs.

Reduced Costs

Forget hefty fees - our model saves you time, money and resources.

Where our people excel…

In our Talent Hub, you'll find a diverse team of specialists and experts ready to help you thrive.


Partnerships: No BS-Policy

We're all about integrity & authenticity. No empty promises, just genuine support and guidance to help you succeed.

Embracing Diversity: Humanity & DEI

We celebrate diversity and equality in every role. Your unique talents and perspectives matter to us.

Exceptional Service: Quality Customer Care

We go the extra mile to ensure you receive top-notch service, no matter your industry or role.

People First: People Matter #PeopleOverProfit

We prioritise people over profit, supporting charitable causes and caring for our community.


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