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Welcome to Keen People, your premier talent hub across IT and technology. Our innovative subscription service transforms the way businesses access top-tier talent. Say goodbye to traditional hiring hassles and hello to a source of skilled professionals ready to drive your business forward. With us, you gain access to streamlined processes, unparalleled flexibility, and tailored expertise to meet your specific needs. Experience the future of talent management with Keen People.

Diverse Talent Network

Connecting businesses with diverse talent across sectors, ensuring the perfect match for your needs.

Optimised for Success

Our team and partner portal streamlines operations, keeping your business ahead.

Tailored Talent Sourcing

We source talent for various roles across industries, ensuring the right fit for your needs.

Talent Hub Subscription

At Keen People, we understand the importance of building a talented team that drives your business forward. Our Talent Hub Subscription offers a seamless solution for accessing top-tier talent while managing your budget effectively.



Subscription Sign-Up

Partners subscribe to the Keen People Talent Hub service on a monthly basis, allowing you access to our comprehensive recruitment support.


Needs Assessment

Our team conducts an initial consultation to understand your specific hiring requirements, company culture, and values.


Customised Talent Plan

We create you a tailored recruitment strategy, including job postings, talent sourcing, and interview scheduling based on your needs.


Talent Sourcing

We tap into our extensive network and use AI-driven tools to identify and approach qualified people. We also actively headhunt for passive talent in the industry.


Screening & Evaluation

We perform initial screenings, technical assessments, and background checks to ensure people match your technical and cultural requirements.


Interview Coordination

We arrange interviews between talent and your hiring team, ensuring a smooth and efficient process.


Offer Negotiation & Onboarding

We assist in offer negotiations and support the onboarding process for selected people.


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Our Promises

Transparency and reliability are paramount for our talent hub partners. With us, you get a clear 17% subscription fee, no hidden costs, and cashflow-friendly monthly payments. Benefit from a 12 month guaranteed free replacement on each seat, search optimisation with unused searches or unfilled seats rolling over free of charge, alongside salary adjustments as needed. Access a curated talent pool and streamlined processes tailored to your business. Plus, enjoy a complimentary annual recruitment strategy session for maximum hiring success.

FREE 12 Month Replacement Promise

FREE Rollover for Unfilled Seats

FREE Annual Recruitment Strategy Report


To access our talent hub subscription, partners pay a 17% fee on the salary for the roles they need filling. For example, if a role has a £50,000 salary, the fee would be £8,500, divided over 12 months.

Budget of £50,000 for the salary
Fee = 17% of £50,000 = £8,500
Monthly Fee = £8,500 / 12 = £709
So, partner would pay £709 monthly for utilising our talent hub to fill the role.

Talk to us for a bespoke quote for your business requirements.

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