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5 Benefits of Partnering with a Recruitment Agency

5 Benefits of Partnering with a Recruitment Agency

Navigating the job market can be challenging. There are several factors to consider when looking for candidates, and whether you’re an employer or candidate, time is often of the essence.

While it might seem like an easy task, you’d be surprised how much goes into finding the right person. Deciding on specifications, writing a catchy ad, screening applications, contacting candidates, organising times for interviews, booking meeting rooms, interviewing several candidates, arranging for other team members to meet them, and the list goes on. Tired already?

If this wasn’t enough to convince you, we’ve listed below five benefits of working with a recruitment agency when looking for a candidate.

Saves you Time

Partnering with a recruitment agency can expedite your search and help you find the perfect candidate in no time, thanks to their network and experience. But what if I have an HR team in my company, you ask? Well, unless they’re solely focusing on recruiting and expanding their network on a daily basis through networking events, this time-consuming process might be better handled by recruitment agencies.

Saves you Money

That’s got to be one of the main draws for companies to partner up with recruitment agencies. Sure, you might be thinking this is counterintuitive. But let’s say you’re trying to recruit for your team. You have spent hours crafting an ad, screening applications, trying to organise interviews, and the perfect candidate ends up turning your offer down.

Now, you need to start all over again. Not only is this costing you time, but it’s also distracting you from your projects, team, and main job, which is costing your company money. Your results might be impaired, and your team could be under more pressure, which can contribute to a decreased bottom line in the long run.

A recruiter will rely on their network and experience to find the right candidate quickly and handle the whole process from A to Z saving you time and money and ensuring your sanity 😉

Helps You Expand Your Network

Recruiters in your field speak to hundreds of companies and candidates every month. They attend special events, network, and connect with candidates and companies in your industry on a daily basis. After all, that’s their job! While you’re focusing on what you do best; running your team, they focus on what they do best; networking. 

Helps You Find the Best Candidates

If you’re looking for candidates with a niche skill set and experience, using a recruitment agency might be your best bet. Indeed, as mentioned above, recruiters often network and connect with people at all levels and with different skill sets and experiences. By asking them to assist you, you’ll tap into their long-term experience and get a second set of eyes to try and find the best opportunity matching what you’re looking for.

Bear in mind, if your recruitment approach is to post an advert and wait for responses, you may be waiting for a long time. Not to mention, you’ll only be receiving applications from candidates that are actively looking for a new role. When using a recruiter, you’ll be tapping into an untouched and highly skilled set of passive candidates. 

Get it Right the First Time

Many companies invest time and money in trying to recruit the best candidate, handling the whole recruiting process from writing and publishing ads to organising interviews, introducing the perfect candidate to the team and drafting their contract, only to realise a few weeks down the road that the candidate is far from perfect for the job.

They might not have the skills they said they had, or they might not fit in the company’s culture as well as you thought they would.

With a recruitment agency, not only will you increase the odds of finding the right candidate, but you’ll also be less likely to have to organise a second round of interviews. Indeed, recruitment agencies will do a thorough screening for you and ensure candidates have the right skills and personality before sending them over.

Are you considering working with a recruitment agency? Just as you would with a candidate, you should always make sure they’re the right fit for you. At Keen People, we understand our clients’ needs and strive to find the ideal candidate for the job every time. Want to discuss your current job openings?

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