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5 FAQ’s For Candidates

As recruiters, we spend most of our day on the phone or online. While every day is different, there are some questions that seem to come up time and time again. We love when we have curious candidates, and we want you to be as involved in the process as we are, but here are our top 5 frequently asked questions – and some useful answers that may help you in your search for the right role.

1: This job spec says I need a degree, I don’t have one, can I still apply?

The answer is YES! While some companies do specify a degree is required, there are many jobs in tech that will accept proof of your skill in a technical test. Most of the time companies are willing to overlook these kinds of details if you tick every other box or have something that really stands out to them. According to TechNation, almost 10% of the UK’s job vacancies are tech-related, so finding companies that will hire self-taught or non-traditionally educated candidates is easy.

2: What is the difference between a cultural interview and a skills interview?

A cultural interview allows both you and your interviewer to assess whether you’d be a good fit for their team based on your soft skills, personality, and mindset. A skills-based interview will be more likely to happen earlier on in the process and is a fact-finding style exercise between you and your interviewer. Their aim will be to find out what qualifies you for the role and why you’re more suitable than other candidates.

3: Will my recruiter prepare me for the interview?

Yes, they will! We want you to succeed! At Keen People, we make sure we have given you all the relevant information you’ll need to know going into the interview. This usually includes the structure of the interview process, as well as who you will be interviewing and roughly what to expect. If there is a technical test involved, we will also try our best to make sure you know what the exercise will be and how long you’ll have to do it.

4: Will I get feedback from my interviews?

Not all companies give feedback, but we will work our hardest to ensure that you get some recognition of your efforts at the interview even if it is not quite the role for you. We understand how important it can be to get some constructive pointers on how to improve, and we will do our best to get that for you.

5: How do I gauge if they are interested in hiring me?

This obviously will differ between companies and between interviewers, but good signs to look out for are engaged conversation, asking about upcoming holidays, and the most obvious one, asking for another interview. Things like explaining the nature of the technical tests also count as buying signs for the developer or engineer-type roles.

Hopefully, this blog will have given you a little more peace of mind, but please remember, we are always here for all of your questions.

The role of your recruiter is to make sure you’re as prepared as possible, and that you’re able to show off your skills to potential employers in the best possible light!

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