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7 Steps to Successful Recruitment

7 Steps to Successful Recruitment

Is your company doing so well that you need to recruit new talent? Congratulations! 

Yet, while this is amazing news, and you’re probably busy celebrating this important milestone with the rest of the team (and some bubbles), you might also be dreading the time-consuming recruitment process that you’re about to start.  

Are we right? 

If that’s the case, you can sit back, relax and enjoy your glass as, to make it easier for you to find the right talent, we’ve put together this ‘’7 steps to successful recruitment’’ guide.  

Let’s dive in!  

Define the Scope of the Role 

Defining the scope of the role you’re recruiting for with precision is a great way to ensure that you source the right candidate. As a result, you’ll need to have an in-depth understanding of the role and the tasks involved. You should also be clear on soft and technical skills and what you expect from this recruit. 

 This will allow you to: 

  • Ensure candidates have a clear idea of what the role entails. 
  • Limit the number of irrelevant resumes and save you time. 
  • Find the right candidate by selecting them based on your essential requirements for the job. 

To define the scope, answer the following questions:

  • Why does your team or your company need a new employee? 
  • What duties and responsibilities would you like them to perform? 
  • What skills, abilities, experience, and degree are essential for the role? 
  • How will the role fit in the team? 
  • How will the role fit in the wider business? 

Writing a Compelling Job Description

“Recruitment IS marketing. If you’re a recruiter nowadays and you don’t see yourself as a marketer, you’re in the wrong profession.” 

– Matthew Jeffrey, Global head of sourcing and employment brand at SAP.


This step is crucial as this is your way to hook potential candidates in!  

Eight seconds. That’s the average attention span nowadays…  

So, to attract top-of-the-line candidates for the job, you’ll need to write an engaging, clear, and effective job ad to quickly grab their attention and make them want to work for your company. How? Glad you ask! 

  • Hook them in by using intriguing questions at the beginning of your job description. For instance, use an ‘’is it you?’’ section, explaining who the candidate is and what they’re looking for. Bait the hook now and reel them in at the interview! 
  • Summarise the job in a concise section before sharing all the details. Additionally, explain what the end goal of the role is in one or two sentences. This will give prospective candidates a quick overview of what the job entails.  
  • Highlight responsibilities and duties in order of importance. Link each of them to an end goal, so candidates understand the purpose of each task. 
  • Add a qualification section and list anything else you are looking for, such as additional certifications or software skills. This will help you refine your search and ensure you attract the best talent. 

Select Where to Advertise Your Job

Now that you’ve written the perfect job description, time to advertise it! Here are a few tips on where to promote: 

Job sites

Think IndeedJobServeMonsterJobsite, etc.  Advertising on job sites allows you to leverage their huge traffic and user base. It gives you great exposure and visibility and increases the odds of finding your top talent. However, keep in mind that by casting the net wide, you might also attract hundreds of random CVs that you’ll have to go through before finding THE one! 

Social media

Advertising the position you’re recruiting for on LinkedIn, and other social media channels can be a great way to reach prospective candidates. After all, many of us hang out on social media, and your perfect hire probably is too! 


Depending on the type of role you’re advertising, you might not have to look very far. The person you’re after could be sitting only meters away from you! As a result, recruiting internally can be a good option as not only will they already know the company culture, but not having to advertise will save you time and money.

Recruitment Specialists

Recruitment is a job that requires expertise and, more often than not, a strong network. If you’re struggling to find the right candidate or don’t have the time to dedicate to this time-consuming process, you can also outsource it to a specialised recruitment agency. 

Review the Applications

Moving along with the process, now is the time to review the applications you’ve received. How exciting! 

  • Read your job ad as a refresher.
  • Scan the content of each resume by quickly checking their qualifications and expertise. This will allow you to eliminate candidates that don’t match the job’s requirements. 
  • Look for keywords that match your job description. 
  • Thoroughly read their most recent experience, paying attention to the tasks, accomplishments, and contributions. 
  • Ensure their spelling and grammar are correct.
Conduct Interviews

After selecting the CVs that seem the most relevant, it’s time to meet with your shortlisted candidates. Your questions need to help you gain insight into their capabilities and better understand whether they’d be a good fit.  

Here are some tips on how to conduct interviews effectively: 

  • Prepare a few targeted and precise questions beforehand. For instance, you can ask them to tell you about themselves and why they think they’re a good fit for the job. 
  • Communicate about your expectations. Let them know what you hope they will achieve and what the purpose of this role is. The right candidate will be excited and enthusiastic about your plans.
  • Highlight specific experiences in their CV and ask the candidate about them.
  • Don’t mistake nervousness for lack of qualifications. A candidate might be nervous because of the way you ask questions, your body language, or other reasons, but this doesn’t mean they don’t have potential and can’t do the job.
  • Make sure to sell the position and the company too! After all, the interview is as much about you liking the candidate that it is about them liking your company. 
Checking References and Preparing the Contract  

According to Job Today, 38% of Britons have lied at least once on their resume, and 24% do it regularly! Crazy right? 

That’s why checking references is extremely important as it’ll allow you to check the credentials of your ideal candidate. Even if you think this is a formality, don’t skip it because it could save you from heartbreakingly discovering you’ve been lied to once the candidate has started their position. 

If everything checks out, you’ll then need to do the most fun and interesting part… draft the contract. You’ll find more guidance on what to include in the contract here. 

Make your New Employee Feel Welcomed

This is an important step as you wouldn’t want to scare away the new recruit on their first day after going to such great lengths to find them! Some things to do to make them feel more comfortable include: 

  • Make sure everything is set up for them. Nothing is more frustrating and awkward than having to sit in front of a blank screen on your first day while waiting for the IT team to set up your profile on company tools… we’ve all seen the IT Crowd!
  • Introduce them to the team.
  • Appoint someone to show them the ropes during the onboarding period and make sure they’re always available to answer questions.
  • Take them out for lunch and have a casual conversation with them.  

Follow these seven steps, and you’ll be on your way to building a team of superstars 😉 

No time to go through the recruiting process?

If you struggle with your job search, don’t have the time to conduct it properly, haven’t been able to secure interviews, or attract the right profiles, don’t hesitate to reach out.

As recruitment experts, we have an extensive network we can tap into and the ability to reach the passive market, which allows us to source the ideal profile for our clients every time! 

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