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Top Emerging IT Careers  

Top Emerging IT Careers

Are you a nerd, wondering what the hottest IT jobs are in 2021?  

Once somewhat of an insult, being a tech nerd is really trendy these days! True story. Fuelled by popular geek TV shows and films, the geek culture has become pop culture, turning IT nerds into admired geniuses. Add this to the feat of super brains like Steve Jobs and Elon Musk, and you get yourself a recipe for success!  

Whether you’re thinking of shifting careers or are about to start your studies, here’s a list of the IT jobs of the future. And the great thing is that these roles will become highly sought after as technology advances and our reliance on AI and IoT increases. This means that you might even become a Tech legend depending on your skillset!

Cyber Security Analyst

The pandemic has truly accelerated the digital transformation, placing cybersecurity strategies at the heart of companies’ success and development. Indeed, companies and individuals’ networks and the information they transmit are increasingly susceptible to cyberattacks, including ransomware.

To prevent cyber attacks, companies require the help of cybersecurity analysts. These high in demand analysts are responsible for designing and implementing the cybersecurity strategy for a company. Some of their tasks include installing encryption tools and firewalls, monitoring and reporting threats, and identifying weak spots.  

AI and Deep Learning Engineer

Artificial intelligence is everywhere. From your Instagram posts on your newsfeed to the diagnosis of a rare disease through medical imaging, the applications of AI are countless. In order to make these applications a reality, companies need an AI and deep learning specialist.

In short, an AI and deep learning specialist develops programming systems that emulate brain functions. And guess what? Engineers who work for big companies such as Google or Facebook can earn up to £170,000 a year! 

Data Scientist

Companies collect millions of data points about their customers. This helps them harness trends and make informed decisions when drafting their strategies. But the thing is, this data is raw and complex to interpret for the avenge Joe Bloggs. 

A data scientist is a highly skilled professional trained to analyse and interpret the raw data collected by companies using advanced computerised models and analysis tools. Their role is to solve complex business-related problems and spot trends by identifying patterns in data. The annual salary for an experienced data scientist can reach a whopping £100,000!  

Note that some other rising careers include Software and Applications Developer, IoT Engineer, and Robotics and Cryptocurrency Engineer.  


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