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How To Speed Up Your Hiring Process

Did you know that 60% of candidates have quit an application process in the past because it was too long?

Now, while you might think that the 40% remaining must have really wanted the job, we’d argue that high-quality candidates who know their value usually focus their energy on companies that have a quick and seamless recruitment process and save them time.

That’s because they know their technical skills are in high demand and many companies will be ready to hire them almost on the spot.

So, to prevent you from missing out on top candidates and reduce recruitment inefficiencies, we’ve shared below five proven ways to speed up your hiring process and win over top talent.

1.    Build Strong Relationships With Specialised Recruitment Companies

You might be a busy business owner juggling a million tasks a day, including recruiting new people for your company. Or perhaps you have a dedicated HR team who has to recruit for the whole company and is struggling to build strong networks in every single vertical they’re covering. Recruiting top tech candidates takes time. In fact, it takes years of networking and relationship building.

That’s where specialised tech and cyber security recruitment companies like Keen People can help. Specialised recruitment agencies are continuously building their network in the tech and cyber security space. And this means that they’ll be able to quickly tap into their pool of top candidates and source highly skilled individuals for your team.

Besides, based on their extensive experience and in-depth expertise in the tech field, they’ll know exactly how to craft compelling job ads that will immediately resonate with high-quality candidates and prompt them to apply.

2. Write A Great Job Advert

Writing a compelling job ad targeting your ideal candidate will allow you to save time on having to go through many unsuitable profiles. The more tailored your job ad is, the more relevant the applications you’ll receive will be, and the quicker you’ll be able to set up interviews.

Besides, your advert should be well-written. A well-written job ad will prompt stellar candidates to apply, whereas a poorly written one will turn them away and slow down your hiring process, as you’ll need more time to find the perfect candidate.

Your job ad should convey the following:

  • Job description and responsibilities
  • Basic competencies of the position
  • Key benefits of working for your company

You see, these days, the recruitment process isn’t only about telling candidates what you expect them to do for you. It’s a two-way conversation allowing you to also tell them what you can do for them. The more compelling your ad is, the quicker finding outstanding candidates will be!

3. Combine Interview Stages Whenever You Can

Nobody likes to go through endless rounds of interviews.

Not only is going through several interviews for the same company inconvenient for candidates who work or might live on the other side of town, but it can also make them feel as though you’re not 100% convinced of their value. What’s more, the more rounds of interviews you organise, the longer it will take to recruit somebody as managers might not be available at the same time as candidates, sometimes dragging the process out for weeks.

Now, according to experts, the ideal number of interview stages is 2 or 3.

So, whenever possible, combine interviews to save time and hassle for everyone and increase your likelihood of winning over amazing candidates. For instance, instead of organising one interview with the HR manager, one with the head of the technical team, one with the whole technical team, and one with the CTO, try to combine the HR and technical interviews and ask the two managers to lead the interview together. And you could also organise back-to-back interviews to speed up the process. For instance, right after the technical manager interviewed a candidate, why not have them meet the technical team for 15 minutes?

Reducing the number of interview stages and organising back-to-back interviews will considerably speed up your hiring process. And it can also make the difference between winning over a highly skilled candidate and seeing them go to the competition!

4. Implement An Internal Referral Program

Implementing an internal referral program in your company can be a great way to quickly access a pool of suitable tech candidates. In fact, it’s such a powerful tactic that the most successful tech companies, such as Google or Amazon use this strategy.

Your employees are most likely aware of the qualities and skills required for specific jobs, and they’ll most definitely know what attributes a candidate needs to fit in your company culture.

And this, in turn, can enable you to tap into a large pool of skilled candidates as soon as a job is on offer, helping you speed up the recruitment process while allowing your employees to feel even more involved in the company’s mission.

5. Leverage The Power of Technology

Assessing a candidate’s suitability can be done through a video call before organising a face-to-face meeting. Not only is technology allowing companies to run seamless video interviews these days, but it’s also a quick and efficient way to screen a candidate and see whether you should consider them to move on to the next stage of the process.

Because organising a video call allows for more flexibility around meeting times, you’ll be able to set up interviews quicker and therefore recruit faster. Besides, if you’re planning to run an interview with more than one hiring manager, it might be easier to find a suitable time for all parties involved to jump on a quick video call as opposed to having everyone physically present in the office at the same time.

Looking For A Specialised Recruitment Agency To Help You Find the Best IT Security Professionals?

At Keen People, we specialise in sourcing top talent in the IT security space. Leaning on our in-depth expertise in the field and extensive network, our mission is to ensure you quickly find the perfect fit for your company. As soon as you give us the green light, we’ll craft a compelling job ad for each one of your roles, tap into our network of suitable candidates and use digital advertising techniques for a quick and efficient hiring process.

We know how long advertising roles, screening applications, and interviewing candidates can take. So, if you need help speeding up the process, don’t hesitate to contact us. We’d love to discuss your requirements and see how we can help.

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