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Top Soft Skills Employers are Looking For in IT 

IT Soft Skills for Employment

Have you decided to change jobs or switch careers, and you’re wondering what soft skills employers are looking for in the IT space?

While technical skills are a no-brainer for companies, soft skills are playing an increasing role when deciding on a candidate. Indeed, “The IT crowd”, although funny, was quite accurate for its time.

However, IT professionals are no longer considered a different breed, hanging out together in the rest of the company’s shadow and spending most of their time isolated with their computers in the basement. No, nowadays, they’re expected to fit into a company’s culture and take part in collaboration initiatives. 

So, to help you nail your next interview, we’ve listed below some of the top soft skills that will turn you into a rock star.

You’ll thank us later 😉 


That’s right, communication is a no-brainer these days. After all, as an IT rock star, you’ll need to communicate efficiently with your colleagues to help solve their IT issues.

You might also be working on projects with other IT specialists or other departments, meaning you’ll have to communicate with all kinds of profiles and adapt to different personality types. Note that you’ll need both written and verbal communication skills as emails will be an integral part of your job. 


As mentioned above, as an IT professional, you might be required to work on different projects and tasks over a short period. As a result, you’ll need to be able to multitask, and there’s nothing better to be able to multitask efficiently than being organised!

Indeed, if you forget to pencil meetings with your supervisor or colleagues in your diary, don’t plan your day ahead, or don’t list key things you need to accomplish for the week, you might struggle juggling different projects at once. Plus, you might anger the colleagues you’ve stood up multiple times! 


Creativity might not be the first thing people think about when they picture IT professionals, yet it is an essential skill to succeed in the IT world. Indeed, IT employees are constantly expected to fix problems. And more often than not, this requires finding creative ways to work around issues.  

An IT specialist might also be expected to suggest and conceive better IT solutions to improve a business’s efficiency, which relies on problem-solving, forward-thinking, and imagination skills. 


If you’re looking for a job in the IT field but don’t know where to start, let us take the daunting job search process off your hands!

At Keen People, we’re here to help you develop your potential and land your next dream IT job! 


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