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The Real Reasons Behind The “Great Resignation”

We’ve all heard the phrase “the Great Resignation” thrown around a lot in the news recently. Studies by Microsoft suggest that 41% of Britons would now leave a job that didn’t offer remote or hybrid working in favour of one that did. The current job market is really shifting and long gone are the days when companies ask all their employees to be in the office let alone for 5 days a week.


Resignations happen for so many reasons and what we are finding at Keen People is that work and job priorities for candidates have changed. Factors such as the pandemic, the rise in the cost of living, the desire to live outside the city, and people seeking the elusive work-life balance are taking centre stage now. In 2021, the great resignation saw a significant increase in people voluntarily leaving their current jobs leaving businesses with many vacancies and recruitment challenges.


Many people say that the “Great Resignation” makes the job market difficult to navigate, with each of the hiring companies trying to outdo the other and attract the best talent. It also means that the candidate is in a position of power, unlike anything we’ve seen recently. Coupled with the shift towards remote or hybrid working, candidates can now be very selective about the roles they take and the compensation and benefits they wish to receive. Even benefits packages themselves have changed from your standard pension and annual leave; companies are now more incentivised to get creative with their benefits.


Since the pandemic, we have all grown used to working from home and while there are some companies who feel that working from home is bad for business and people will be back in the office, it is looking a lot like this is not the case. And the beauty of the shift in attitudes is that it is now your choice whether you’d take a role that meant being in the office 5 days a week or whether that wouldn’t work for you. Personal preference is key, and who knows you better than you? If you feel more productive at home, in the evenings, or in an office you now have the power to choose that.


This is also a reason to celebrate for the neurodivergent and those with disabilities as this flexible approach to being employed makes it even easier to enter the workforce and find a rewarding role that works for you.


In a more cynical sense, as recruiters, this movement in the workforce makes us very busy, and we love it! Our day-to-day is matching great candidates to like-minded companies and making sure that the combination works. We have lots of great candidates and lots of great clients and are finding that candidates can now be more honest with us about their priorities, which will never be a bad thing.


So, with all this in mind, keep us recruiters busy and keep searching for that fulfilling role, the one you’re excited to get to when the new week begins. With remote working, we have a larger talent pool to get our clients the best possible match for their role and their company ethos and to get our candidates a role that they will grow into and enjoy. Any phenomenon that delivers all that can’t be all bad!

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